Shortly about me

Born in East London in the mid sixties. I went to school in Billericay Essex, where I expected to become an engineer. However I was lucky to be offered a print planning apprenticeship at Pinepoint in EC1 .

I spent the next five years training to film plan the old fashioned way, working for companies in the recording industry, Pinepoint produced record sleeves and all the associated print.

I then worked as a print planner in Tunbridge Wells and learned to operate an early CAD mask cutting system. Following that I became a print production manager at The Gatwick Press. Crawley.

In the mid nineties I was a director for Pixel Graphics, London LTD. A print farming business with in-house design and platemaking. The work was produced digitally using Mac computers.

By the end of the ninties I was self employed and producing graphic design for multi media and print. And that is what I am still doing for a customer base who have all come on personal recommendation.

Industries I design for

Customers range from single entities such as myself, to small and medium sized enterprises. Most of whom are based locally in and around Sussex, but I occassionally travel to project locations around the UK and Europe.

  • Dental - advertising, web site, print, photography
  • Financial - web site
  • Textiles - banners, web site, print, photography
  • Publishing - web site, photography
  • Construction - web site, photography
  • Charitable trust - advertising, web site, print, photo'
  • Seasonal lighting contractors - ID, web site, logo
  • Bulk gas suppliers - logo, web site, photography
  • Plumbing - logo, web site, print, signage, vehicle wraps
  • Sand blasting - logo, photography
  • Dry lining - web site, photography
  • Construction - web site, photographic surveys, photography, print
  • Pub - logo, print
  • Welding - logo, web site, print
  • Pharmaceutical suppliers - print, photography
  • Agency - white label work

I take great pride in projects entrusted to me and believe it is of paramount importance that the customer is happy with the way their business is portrayed. To that end, we collaborate and use your words and a style that suits your companys' ethos.