Design through to production & more.

Logo design


Often the first piece of design you buy and the most important to get right. I offer a 3 stage design process that includes a consultation, identyfiing what will work best for your image.

Visual identity


Acheive brand consistancy with an advertising press pack. Everything needed to ensure your brand will be reproduced faithfully. Logo, colours for screen & web, font information with layout rules.



Technical drawings, scale design illustration, mock ups, visuals, 2D cad files, CNC and maps, all produced as vector artwork, EPS and PDF all scaleable unless there is photographic content.

Photo retouching


Colour correction, multi layered cuts-outs, photographic restoration, mock photographs, super imposed imagery and visualisation. Available in any image file format.

Design for print


If you need a business card, stationary, leaflet, brochure, sales pack, poster, data sheet, newsletter, magazine, holiday brochure, packaging, banner or any promotional material I can help.

Web site design


No Flash here. Only HTML and CSS with J-Query providing the animation. This might not mean much to you, what it means to your customers is they see your content, if they are on the PC in the office, on their Android or IOS tablet or phone or on the Mac at home. I like to use templates as a starting point and customise them if necessary. It makes for cost effective designs that allow a larger proportion of the budget to be dedicted to artwork and photography. Bespoke works can be requested from the outset if the budget allows. Hosting arrangements can be overseen or made on your behalf, with existing or recommended providers.

PDf production


Print designs can be converted into PDF for download or distribution on memory stick. Small high quality print files with navigation, links and bookmarks if required. Make your information accessable the the widest audience possible, with industry standard files.



Shop, industrial, construction, and commecial signage. Internal and external applications, super imposed visuals available. Installation service available on request. 2D, 3D, vinyl, print on vinyl and illuminated variations. Telephone or email to discuss further.

Vehicle livery


High quality vehicle wrap designs, tailored to your vehicle model and expertly applied by a trusted and proven supplier in East Sussex. Photographic imagery or coloured vinyl. Wrap production and application is optional, in case you have a preferred supplier.



More than just a designer, I am on hand to see any job through production and I can deal with suppliers on your behalf. This can be regarding marketing oppertunities, promotional items, hosting, email and broadband providers. This service is optional and is provided at an hourly rate.



I shoot full frame digital photography, working in a small studio for table top items or on location if required. No fancy lighting arrangements, just on camera flash for indoor and natural light when ever possible. People, events, documentary records, construction progress, finished works, site surveys, products, interiors and buildings commisions are welcome. This service can be paired with 'photo' retouching' to achieve special effects such as cut-outs or super impossed imagery for pre-production visuals.

Consulting services

  • Hosting
  • Broadband
  • Email
  • Mac OS
  • Adobe
  • HTML / CSS
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Promotions

irected or conceptual work are both welcome. As you can see I can be a one stop shop for design through to production. You retain the freedom to choose the most competitive production quotes from year to year, while keeping the same easy relationship with your designer. You will find when your suppliers need artwork it will be quickly despatched at minimal cost.